Consultation. Evaluation. Treatment.

Building a Relationship with your Pediatric OT

Our relationship begins with a consultation to discuss your concerns. We follow up with an evaluation to assess your child’s needs and challenges and to establish a developmental base of his/her current skills. From there, in collaboration with parents and caregivers, we will develop individualized goals that will help your child make steps toward reaching their full potential.

Services May Include

Sensory Integration

Parent Coaching

Visual Processing Integration

Social Skills


Education/School Skills

Convenience. Collaboration. Comfort.

The Benefits of Therapy in Everyday Environments

There are many advantages to providing OT services in a home setting, where a child lives, plays and interacts on a daily basis.


Convenience is naturally among the top benefits of OT services in the home or familiar everyday setting, such as a daycare or school. Transportation factors are eliminated, as the service provider comes to you.


Collaboration with the entire family or team of caregivers is another important aspect of your child’s development. When the therapy is done in a familiar setting, an OT practitioner can see how a child behaves in their natural environment, rather than a medical center. At home, the parents, caregivers and siblings may participate in therapy, allowing them to be a part of the therapeutic program, and practice what has been learned any time.


The Comfort that home based OT services can bring to a child’s wellbeing are immeasurable. Some children may react negatively to a medical environment, or places they perceive as unsafe or unfamiliar, which can become a negative factor in their developmental progress. With home based OT care, your child is in an atmosphere that they are familiar with, creating the ideal setting and conditions for getting the most out of therapy.